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Fido! Parking App

Parking Navigation App (iWatch Compatible)

Branding  |  Digital  |  App  |  iWatch

Fido! Parking App was designed by start-up investors as a digital problem solver for parking in and around busy metropilitan areas. The app was built with the technology to find nearby parking with live statistics on spot availability and pricing, a parking timer to track your paid duration of parking remaining, as well as the ability to store the location of your parked car to make it simple to find it again even in multi-level parking garages.

With iWatch capability the app allows people to get real time directions back to their vehicle using directional markers and pulsing which makes the app disability accessible. 

The logo and branding were designed by myself, as well as all of the conceptual mockup imagery that was then imported into a visual app mockup to aid in investor presentations. 


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